Status of push-notification

Hello Dear Early Adopters,

Many of you are thinking what is the status of the push-notification feature. Well, things are not as easy as they seem to be, especially in the development area where we are facing huge challenges with the availability of the developers to add this much-requested feature. ┬áBeing “less than a start-up” we are not in the position to put real pressure on our subcontractors (a.i developers!). Since the launch of the application we’ve been doing almost daily fights to make them keep their promises. Luckily, the efforts were not in vain since we are now in the position to report to you that the “server part” is ready for testing. What is still missing is the part in the application itself. We have promises (don’t ask us to tell you how many times we received deadlines after deadlines!) that this week we will get the Gmail resolved ( and Yahoo should be similar … hopefully!). We will keep you posted in this blog.

Again, thank you for using our app and believing in us!