Read to me


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons.

Small children love to listen to the stories read aloud by you. By reading to your children you help them develop the appetite for knowledge, they becomes curious about the information that is available in the books and they know that when they have a question they can find the answer in the book.

Now is your turn

Once they grow up you can teach them to read to you. Listen carefully and when they can’t read a word you can ask them to read letter by letter or you can simply help them read that word.

Maybe at the beginning it is not easy and they get tired so you can change the places: they read one paragraph and you read the following one.

Once they get the ability to read correctly a new rule may be established: every day they have to pass a new level on Speed Reading Academy game. In this way they gain the ability to read faster without even knowing it. To make the experience more fun you can play the game together: they need to tell you how to put the letters in the right order or you write a word while they are doing the next one. In this way the kids feel important because they have your exclusive attention and they enjoy an activity that is done together with you.

Let them choose the book

Let your children read the books they are interested in. Propose them the books you enjoyed when you were their age but if there is no progress quickly drop the idea and let them choose something else. Probably you have books that you couldn’t finish because they were of no interest to you. Once they start playing Speed Reading Academy for sure there will be an increase of the speed of reading the book.

Appreciate them for the progress they have done so far.

Book chain

Teach them how to build a chain from paper and for every book they read let them add a new paper ring with the name of the book on it. The chain could be shown in their room so they have a visual image of the progress they have done. Once a new book is finished a new ring will be added. Now that’s fun, right?