Aeria Mail Support

Developing software is never easy and we understand that you can come across bugs or features that you might not know how to use and this is why we have a nice movie showing you how to use the application. We also added an extensive F.A.Q section where you can check if your question is not already answered. In addition to all these we added the screenshoots from the tutorial within the application.


Our presentation video will show you how we came across the idea of Aeria Mail application but it will also give a few hints on how to use main functions of the app.


Review the Screenshots page in order to see a quick tutorial (available also in the app when you first launch it) with all the gestures needed in order to perform various actions within app.


Our F.A.Q. section contains an extensive list of FAQ items (some even with screenshots) that will clarify the questions that you might have with using the app.

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