Aeria Mail

Aeria Mail was born with the aim to perform the email related tasks (Reply, Forward, etc) and contact related tasks (Call, SMS, Add to Contacts, etc) with the minimum number of touches on the screen. It uses extensively gestures and we challenge you to find and experiment all of them!

Pictures are Better

Put a picture behind a name! Let the application work for you! If enabled, the application will fetch the contact picture from Contacts or the favicon of the e-mail so that you can have a picture assigned to the contact instead of just an e-mail address. You can also assign your image/picture per each e-mail account in order to quickly identify which e-mail account you are using (e.g. Personal, Business, Social etc).

Aeria Mail
Aeria Mail

Gestures & Clean Interface

Application interface uses a clean and simple design UI keeping your focus only on the task you want to do and nothing else. When designing, extensive use of gestures was taken into consideration to make your navigation in the application as smooth and simple as possible so do not hesitate to use gestures as much as possible. If needed, smart search is also provided if you want to find a particular e-mail.

Simple Use

Do you have lots of e-mail accounts and standard e-mail client is not enough for you? If yes then Aeria Mail from the Adamo Apps is the perfect choice for you! All your e-mail accounts are shown in a single page for easier finding and use; moreover each of the user-defined folders are easily found in the same screen making finding a particular e-mail easy and fast. Basically you’ll have all your e-mails and folders at your fingertips only a few touches on the screen!

Aeria Mail
Aeria Mail

Quick & Easy Setup

Setting up the e-mail accounts cannot be easier; all you need to do is to use existing templates for e-mail accounts from well-known providers or enter the required information in an easy, user-friendly way. Currently, the application supports Gmail, Yahoo and Additional provider will be added in the future. Push notification is also coming soon!

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